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Welcome to Muddy Noses! Here Alex plus the family share their expertise and a love of Border Collies.

I’ve been passionate about animals since childhood. In recent years, the one creature which has featured most heavily – and I have learned the most about (and gained the most joy from!) – is the wonderful Border Collie. Our two sons share this love of dogs… they all keep us on our toes!

Now we want to help others benefit from what we’ve learned by offering well-researched advice on caring for your canine companion.

At Muddy Noses you can find helpful articles across a range of topics such as:

  • Caring for your Border Collie
  • Behavior and training
  • Exercise and games
  • Puppies and their development
  • Guidance for first-time collie owners
  • Breed information

Using this blog as a guide, you can tackle any issue related to owning a Border Collie with confidence – from understanding their behavior, to keeping them safe, to playing with them – all while making sure those muddy noses stay clean!


As we mention in our articles, if there is any room for doubt when it comes to your collie’s health and well-being – then please visit your trusted veterinarian.