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How Much Exercise do Border Collies Need? 8 Best Exercises!

Border Collie exercise needs how much

Border Collies sometimes feel like they have boundless energy! They require A LOT of activity and exercise to remain happy, as you will know all too well if you have the pleasure of their company. Border Collies’ excess energy can cause them to become frustrated and destructive if not properly exercised, so it is important for owners to plan daily exercise for their pets. 

SO, how much exercise does a Border Collie Need? Adult Collies typically require at least 60 minutes (running!) of daily exercise alongside less strenuous activity like walking. Puppies need a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day, spread over 2-3 walks. Frequent access to a yard/garden will help them let off steam as well as mental stimulation in your apartment or house. 

When a Border Collie is deprived of daily exercise or does not get enough daily exercise, they may begin to behave hyperactively. Border Collies, therefore, needs more than a casual stroll around the block to stay happy and healthy. Let’s take a look at what makes these dogs tick and how much exercise they may need. 

How Much Exercise do Border Collies Need? 8 Best Exercises!

Unlike most other breeds, Border Collies have a high metabolism rate and low body fat and don’t naturally slow down after becoming adults. Their bodies are always using a lot of energy so they need lots of activity and a significant amount of exercise! 

As your dog is an individual and no two are the same, their specific exercise requirements will depend on factors including their age, weight, health and temperament. Below we provide some general ‘rule of thumb’ guidance, but your puppy or adult Collie will be the best guide to help decide the length and number of walks and exercises you both enjoy daily. This will help maintain their physical and mental health.

Generally, Border Collies should be walked for at least an hour a day, but preferably two hours. In addition to this, they should be given other opportunities to run around outside, such as in a backyard with large fences or in the woods where they can chase prey, real or imagined.

If these requirements are not met then behavior problems may develop – border collies are very demanding dogs who thrive on constant learning and challenges. So while you may get away without taking your labrador for walks twice a day, if you aren’t meeting the needs of a Border Collie it might lead to complications that create long-term behavioral issues which can require future intervention.

8 Best Exercises For A Border Collie

It’s not uncommon for these energetic, intelligent dogs to get bored and start acting out. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep them happy and entertained! One way is by taking your dog on a hike. This can provide both you and your dog with the opportunity to explore new territory while getting lots of fresh air and exercise.

Hiking also has many benefits that extend beyond just physical activity – it helps reduce stress levels, improves mental clarity, boosts energy levels, provides opportunities for socialization with other hikers (both human and canine), offers an opportunity for bonding through shared experiences…the list goes on! So what are you waiting for? Get outside today with your family pet.

The Border Collie is a herding dog that is considered to be intelligent, energetic, and eager to please. To keep them from becoming bored it’s important to provide enough variety in their available activities. When it comes to physical activity, the following are just a few of the best types of exercise for a Border Collie:

1) Running alongside their favorite human or after that imagined rabbit or bird!

2) Playing Frisbee through an obstacle course. 

3) Walking along an agility equipment obstacle course set up in your backyard/garden or a local park.

4) Regular walks with you and other dogs – preferably where they will get plenty of human contact too!

5) Playing a game of fetch with a tennis ball or stick is an excellent way to exercise a border collie’s mind and body.

6) Basic training – this will provide mental stimulation as well as basic obedience which is important for all dogs, but especially those that are working types such as the border collie.

7) Playing basic games with you, such as tug-o-war, hide and seek with treat balls, etc.

8) Swimming in a safe area is a great form of physical activity for a border collie.

All these activities can provide great physical exercise for both you and your dog as well a being a great way to spend quality time together.

Here are 10 more activities and games to maximise your collie’s enjoyment and physical and mental health. See also the suggestions for exercises for mental stimulation.

How Much Exercise Does A Border Collie Puppy Need?

Border Collies are bred to herd and run and therefore they are very good at reading body language and will anticipate where an animal is going next based on its movements. It’s no wonder these pups never get tired of playing with toys – it keeps their instincts sharp! Not only does owning a Border Collie mean you have one smart dog on your hands, but it also means your dog may have excess energy to burn.

Regular exercise is essential for these high-energy pups because these sheep-herding dogs love nothing better than running over rough terrain following advanced commands.

If you are wondering how much playtime your pup needs to get daily, the basic answer is that every dog is different. Even two littermates may have completely different exercise requirements because their genes will dictate how active they are. If your dog isn’t getting enough playtime, he or she will let you know it! You might notice them barking all day long or fixating on things like doorknobs and shoes; these behaviors indicate that your little friend wants more activity. If this happens, try to take them out for another walk or game of fetch in order to tire them out while giving their mind something else to focus on.

It is best to play as well as going on shorter walks with your border collie daily when they are puppy, even if it’s just for 10-20 minutes daily.

Adult Border Collie Excercise Requirements

It’s important for any dog to burn calories and release energy, or at the very least stay active. Adult collies typically require at least 60 minutes (running!) daily in order to maintain a healthy weight, while juveniles usually need more like 5 hours of aerobic exercise every day. This is mostly due to their high metabolism rate and low body fat; border collies don’t naturally slow down after becoming adults as other breeds do. Their bodies are always using a lot of energy so they need lots of activity! Border Collies can need between 3 to 5 hours of exercise on a daily basis.

When a Border Collie is deprived of daily exercise or does not get enough daily exercise, they may begin to behave hyperactively. Or otherwise, they may become sedentary, sleep more and appear ‘lazy‘. This hyperactivity can greatly lower their quality of life and may cause physical harm to the dog in the long run. It would be very difficult for any adult border collie to get 5 hours daily of aerobic exercise, but you should make sure at least 3 hours worth of your daily activities are playful.

The amount of daily exercise a border collie gets while it’s still a juvenile will determine how energetic it will remain when an adult.

Their activity requirements will change over time with adult Border Collies needing more exercise to avoid any health issues or mobility issues in their twilight years. As well as a wide range of activities dogs also needs time to rest so make sure to always allow for time for naps too. If you can engage in daily exercise with your border collie at different ages they will live a longer healthier life.

Can You Over Exercise A Border Collie Puppy?

Border Collie puppies need a lot of exercise, so they are the perfect pet for someone who enjoys being outdoors. They have an excellent sense of smell that makes them great hunting partners. Border collies also make wonderful farm dogs because they can herd livestock and guard against predators. 

Border Collie puppies are energetic, intelligent animals that are loyal to their owners and easy to train if you start early on in their life.

A lot of people do not know that puppies can also over-exercise. In fact, it is a common problem for new dog owners to inadvertently stress their little pup out by playing with them too much. Too much running and jumping around can cause your puppy’s joints to grow incorrectly and lead to a lifetime of pain. But how do you know when you’re doing the right amount? And what should be done if they are getting too tired or sore? Keep reading! Remember, mental training is just as important as physical, and dog training will keep them alert and safe.

Is It A Good Idea To Join A Dog Group?

Yes. Any dog groups are designed to get dogs socialized with one another so they can get along better in everyday life.

Dogs are pack animals by nature, so they need to be exposed to other dogs of different breeds and ages at least once or twice a week if possible since it keeps their minds active and healthy. Dogs can also learn a lot from older pets in these group settings, which helps them in the long run since the older ones know how things work in the world after all. It’s always best not to start this at too young an age however because young puppies could develop bad habits when playing with each other very early on.

There is really no age too late to begin learning new tricks! It’s not unheard of for Border Collies to be 10 years old and just starting agility after never having had the chance before. So if you’re thinking about getting your border collie involved in any kind of class or group, just ask what they think is best for her age and temperament.

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Exercise Your Border Collie

There are many factors that go into this question, but there are two general answers: morning and evening. Morning is great because it’s usually not too hot yet so you can play with your pet outside for longer without worrying about heatstroke. The evening is good because some dogs get more restless as the day goes on and need more exercise then – plus, it’ll be cooler!

A dog’s energy levels are highest in the morning and evening hours, which is why most trainers recommend taking your border collie on a walk or playing fetch during these times. Training them to obey commands at any time of day will help curb their natural instinct to run around outside when they’re bored. 

As a daily exercise for a Border Collie, we would recommend at least 30 minutes twice daily. For some Collies, it may be better to have two daily walks while some others can flourish with one longer daily walk. Daily walks will keep your dog in good shape and improve their overall health. Additionally, add in playing ball or doing trick training into your daily schedule – this helps to increase the bond between you and the border collie as well as keeping them entertained when they’re not being walked.

Final Thoughts On Border Collie Exercise Needs

A Border Collie is an intelligent breed of dog that needs a lot of exercise. They are active and playful, so they need to get plenty of time outside. If you don’t have the space or time for this kind of commitment, then it might be best to look at other breeds.

Your border collie needs a lot of exercise both physical exercise and mental exercise. You can’t just let them run around the yard for 10 minutes of exercise and call it a day, they will become bored and start digging holes in your backyard or chewing up your favorite shoes as well as other destructive behavior. If you want to make sure that your dog is happy and healthy, you need to get out there on walks with them every day!  Establish a good exercise routine that means they always get plenty of exercise.