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Can Border Collies Live In Apartments? 5 Reasons For And Against!

Can Border Collies live in apartments

Dreaming about a Border Collie but live in an apartment? Let us help you make the right decision – for you both. Border Collies are extremely energetic dogs that need a lot of exercise to keep them happy. Border Collies are also an intelligent and highly versatile breed that is adaptable to many living environments. This highlights the difficulty in answering this question, there is no simple yes or no. Much depends on YOU – and your lifestyle and personality (and theirs too!).

Can Border Collies live in apartments? Here are 5 points against and 5 points for keeping a Border Collie in your apartment.

“NO, Border Collies CANNOT live in apartments”:

1) Border Collies are incredibly active and will need a great deal of exercise outside.

2) They shed more than most breeds.

3) Separation anxiety from their owners can cause them to become destructive/depressed.

4) They are highly intelligent and need constant stimulation to stay happy.

5) They can become bored and stressed if they don’t get enough exercise and mental stimulation.

“YES, Border Collies CAN live in apartments”:

1) With regular long walks they will sleep well AND play energetically at home;

2) They will get you out of your home into fresh air! You will get a huge amount of exercise;

3) They tend to get along well with other dogs and you will both make new friends;

4) They are easy to train as they are highly intelligent;

5) Border Collies will play non-stop with you and your family.

Below, we further expand on these points and give you food for thought to make the right decision. We also look into whether collies are good housepets, whether you can work from home with your Border Collie and what is the ideal room temperature for them.

Can Border Collies Live in Apartments?

If you are thinking about adopting that cute Border Collie at your local shelter and you don’t have a garden or backyard you may be wondering ‘can Border Collies be kept in an apartment?’ The fact that you are asking this question and researching this topic shows you care; this is a good starting point.

Can Border Collies be kept in an apartment? Here are five points for and five points against. You can decide which resonate with you:

The motion against: “NO, Border Collies CANNOT live in apartments”:

  1. High energy levels – Border Collies are incredibly active and will need a great deal of exercise, even more so without access to a yard or garden. They are one of the most active breeds/herding breeds who need high levels of physical stimulation.
  2. Shedding – They shed more than most breeds, twice a year for around three weeks at a time. In a smaller apartment this may be more of an issue than a larger house with a garden, shedding hair on sofas etc.
  3. Separation anxiety – Separation from their owners can cause them to become destructive or depressed, in particular when left alone in a small apartment.
  4. Intelligence – With their herding instincts and big brains, collies are highly intelligent and need constant mental stimulation to stay happy.
  5. Destruction – Border Collies can become bored and stressed if they do not get enough outdoor time and mental stimulation, especially if left alone or ignored in an apartment. This can lead to destructive behaviors and compulsive behavior. 

The motion for: “YES, Border Collies CAN live in apartments”:

  1. Exercise needs – With the correct amount of regular exercise and activity a Border Collie can be happy to live in an apartment. With a morning and evening walk or one really long one, they will alternate between sleep and manic play at home!
  2. Exercise (for you!) – You will get a huge amount of outdoor exercise and meet many other dog owners in the process. This is not for the faint-hearted, but if you are an active person who loves getting out in the fresh air, then you could be a good match even in town/the city.
  3. Good with other dogs – Not only do they tend to get along well with other dogs but they can be very protective of them too. Get ready to make lots of friends!
  4. Training – These dogs are easy to train as they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds that want to please their human companions. This is time intensive but very worth while.
  5. Play time – Border Collies will play games non-stop with you and your family, especially in an apartment where it is harder for them to entertain themselves. challenging games and game of fetch will keep them entertained.

Can Border Collies live in apartments? As indicated above, the question of whether these dogs can live in apartments is not a straightforward yes or no, but a little research and consideration about the needs of both dog and owner can lead to a happy, healthy relationship. If you are aware of what living with a Border Collie entails, whether it is suitable for your lifestyle, your apartment or you as an individual, then there is no reason why these dogs cannot live in our homes.

If you are active and love spending hours outdoors in nature and in all weather – then this could be a good fit (access to a park or green space nearby is ESSENTIAL)… otherwise, you may have to think again, collies are no couch potatoes!

Are Border Collies Good House Pets?

Can a border collie be a house pet? This depends on what you mean by house pet! If you mean a sedentary companion to cuddle that rarely leaves the sofa – then clearly Border Collies will not fit this bill. However, if you mean this in the sense of a loving companion to keep you and your family exercised and entertained – outside and inside, then yes Border Collies can be good house pets. Similar to German Shepherds, Border Collies are a lifestyle (an active one!) not just a pet!

Are Border Collies good house pets? Border Collies can make great house pets if the environment is right for them. They are very active dogs and need a lot of physical exercise, so they are not a good fit for everyone. But if you have the time to take them for long walks and play with them inside, you and your collie will have a lot of enjoyment. Collies are best suited for people who are very active and enjoy spending much time outdoors.

Border Collies were originally bred to be working dogs and need a lot of exercise and plenty of human interaction. But if you can provide those things for them, they make great companions and are very smart, loyal dogs. They can be a little high-strung and may bark or herd a lot at first, but with proper training and socialization they will learn to calm down and become loving members of the family. And remember, because of their high energy level they should not be left alone for long periods of time or else they may become destructive.

Can I Work From Home With My Border Collie?

Working from home is more common now than ever, and this also means more people are looking into adopting a four-legged companion. Border Collies are a popular choice, with their excitable temperament, bright eyes and keen intelligence. Border Collies are best for people who have plenty of time to spend with them, as these dogs need a lot of interaction and exercise in daily life. This does not really work if you are in an office all day, but home working provides you with more options.

Can I work from home with my Border Collie? You can definitely work from home with your Border Collie. The most important thing to remember is that you will need to set up a space for your dog where he or she can stay while you are working. This space should be comfortable and include plenty of toys and plant-based chew bones to keep your dog occupied. Additionally, make sure to take your dog for regular walks and playtime so he or she does not get too bored.

Daily exercise (and a healthy diet) is certainly the key to making working from home work – both for you and your Collie. Whether this is an early and a late walk – or a mammoth two to three-hour hike after lunchtime, this will make sure your pup is physically and mentally stimulated (and exhausted!). You can then work whilst they have a nap! (Or will you be doing the napping?)

And lastly, always make sure to keep an eye on your dog when he or she is in the work from home area so there are no accidents or problems.

What Room Temperature Is Best For A Border Collie?

If you are a proud collie owner, it is essential for you to know what room temperature is best for them. They are known to be vulnerable to being overheated so keeping the right temperature for them is very important. Equally, you do not want them to catch a chill!

What room temperature is best for a Border Collie? The room temperature should not exceed 80 °F (27 °C) or fall below 50 °F (10 °C). The ideal temperature range for Border Collies indoors is 60 °F (16 °C) to 70 °F (21 °C), this being normal room temperature. Your dog will be more comfortable in a room with low humidity, but you have to remember that too much dryness can make their skin itchy. When you adjust the indoor temperature of your house during winter or summer, consider adjusting the humidity level of your house as well.

Heat is something that you need to be cautious with. Your collie can easily get overheated and it can cause health problems for them. Keep in mind that there are always variations depending on where you are in your house or apartment since rooms have different sizes and shapes that affect the overall temperature. Provide your dog with plenty of water and blankets, and make sure they have access to different ‘zones’ in your home with different micro temperatures and surfaces (cooler and warmer). This can help them regulate their own temperature.

Are Border Collies Good Apartment Dogs?

Most people do not think of collies in apartments and city life when they picture a Border Collie and they are certainly not a companion animal to spend their entire lives inside (no animal should be left inside, unless it is species-appropriate e.g. a stick insect!). We picture them running in fields, woodland and mountains, and generally wreaking havoc!

Are Border Collies good apartment dogs? Border Collies are generally not ideally suited to apartment living, with those well-known high energy levels and intelligence. If confined to a small apartment with not enough to keep them occupied then they might be prone to barking and chewing. However, for people with active lifestyles willing to be outside for 2-4 hours a day then Border Collie could be a good apartment dog in this specific case. 

As responsible pet owners, we have to provide them with the exercise that they need on a daily basis to avoid boredom or stress and resulting destructive behaviors. So, whether you are in an apartment, a flat or a large house you will need to make sure you provide them with plenty of indoor and outdoor entertainment… including those obligatory squeaky toys of course!