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How Do Border Collies Sleep? Help Them Sleep (6 Ways)

How do Border Collies sleep

Sleep is incredibly important for all mammals, not just humans! With Border Collie’s boundless energy, they need more sleep than we do, and the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are incredibly important for our companion animals for a whole host of reasons. 

How do Border Collies sleep? If a Border Collie is healthy and getting sufficient nutrition and exercise they will normally sleep well through the night, in addition to having short daytime naps which prevent them from getting over-tired. Adult Border Collies normally require 12-14 hours of sleep whereas puppies can sleep up to 18-20 hours per day. 

Since Border Collies have a high energy level, they need to sleep enough in order to recharge and conserve their energy so they can be active when needed. This article will help you understand your collie’s sleeping habits… and maybe help you both have the best possible night’s sleep to set you up for the day!

How Long Should A Border Collie Sleep For?

Like all dogs, Border Collies need plenty of sleep to stay healthy. They use sleep to consolidate memories and recover from the day’s activities. Lack of sleep can lead to cognitive problems. Dogs that get enough sleep are typically less stressed and anxious than dogs who don’t get enough rest. 

How Long Should A Border Collie Sleep For? Border Collies sleep for an average of 12-14 hours a day, although their sleep patterns vary depending on their life stage. Puppies can sleep 16-20 hours,  whilst adult dogs and senior dogs tend to sleep less with 10-12 hours sleep often being sufficient.

If you have a Border Collie, be sure to make sure they are getting enough sleep every night! It will help keep them healthy and happy, and will improve their training and behavior overall. Follow the tips below to help you both stay well rested.

How Do I Get My Border Collie To Sleep?

If your Border Collie is having trouble sleeping, there are a few things you can do to help him or her relax:

1. Comfort: Make sure your dog has a comfortable place to sleep in, away from noise and distractions.  A comfy blanket and a cuddly toy will always go down well, and they will start to associate this snug environment with sleep time.

2. Routine: Establish a consistent bedtime routine and stick to it as closely as possible. This routine will include other habitats such as meal time and cleaning. It can fit well with your own routine such as TV, reading or bath with your sleepy pup by your side.

3. Exercise and Mental Stimulation: Provide your dog with plenty of physical exercise during the day to help him or her sleep better at night. This would include a nice long morning walk – as maybe a second walk, and plenty of mental stimulation when at home.

4. Kennel and Indoor Access: If your dog sleeps outside in the summer they need a backyard kennel that is sheltered from the elements and warm with plenty of bedding. They should always have access to the indoors as well to give them the choice.

5. Crate Training: Some owners use crate training. Using a crate at night helps to provide their dogs with a safe space to sleep and allow their own personal space if they need it during the day.

6. Patience: Be patient and understanding. It may take a little time for your dog to get used to his or her new sleep schedule. With a little patience and effort, you can help your Border Collie get the sleeping pattern he or she needs to stay healthy and happy.

Why Do Border Collies Sleep On Their Backs? (Border Collie Sleeping Positions)

Border Collies sleep in a variety of positions. Some curl up in a ball, some stretch out and some sprawl. However, many people observe their collie sleeping on their backs with all four legs in the air! This may seem strange but it is perfectly healthy and natural. In fact, it may be a positive sign!

Why do Border Collies sleep on their backs? Border Collies tend to sleep on their backs when they are in an environment in which they feel comfortable and safe. This sleeping position may also be adopted when the ambient temperature is fairly hot. Sleeping on their backs increases the available surface area and helps them stay cool. 

Many people believe that the way a dog sleeps reveals something about his or her personality. For example, a dog that sleeps in a curled-up position is often seen as shy or insecure, while a dog that sleeps stretched out may be seen as more confident. Of course, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, but it is still interesting to think about! 

Why Is My Border Collie Having Nightmares?

No matter how they sleep, Border Collies usually seem very comfortable. However, what should we do when they have nightmares? Border Collies generally have a deep sleep, but they are also known to wake up quickly if they hear something out of the ordinary. Or they may awake from a terrible dream! Collies dream just like us, but occasionally these can involve nightmares. 

Why Is My Border Collie Having Nightmares? Dreaming is natural and healthy in Border Collies and it is perfectly normal for these dreams to involve nightmares. This is a way of processing the information learned including undesirable circumstances which can be replayed and acted out in their dreams. It is best not to wake your dog whilst dreaming but you should comfort them if they wake up from a nightmare. If nightmares reoccur there may be something in their psychological or physical health that needs addressing such as diet, excercise or socialization; in this case contact your veterinarian.

It is always fascinating watching them in REM sleep whilst dreaming, sometimes acting out and whining depending on their dream state. No matter how your Border Collie chooses to sleep or the kind of positive or negative dreams they have, it’s clear that they need and mostly enjoy getting their rest. And who can blame them – after all, they are one of the most active breeds of dogs and need this rejuvenating rest!

How Much Do Border Collie Puppies Sleep?

Border Collie puppies sleep a lot! Like human babies, they are taking in vast amounts of information every hour and developing neural connections and growing physically at a tremendous rate. Much of the growth, processing and recovery takes place during sleep. But they make up for it during c six hours of frenetic activity!

How much do Border Collie puppies sleep? Border Collie puppies tend to sleep for about 18 hours per day (16-20 hours depending on puppy age and personality). This includes periods of deep sleep at night as well as several daytime naps. This helps them to grow physically and mentally and get the energy that they need for all of their new experiences. As they get older, their sleep patterns will change and they will start sleeping for around 12-14 hours of sleep per day. 

The amount of sleep that your dog needs, will depend on many factors such as age, size, diet, exercise and genetics. Border Collies are historically working dogs so you can bet they have a lot of energy! Make sure you give your pup plenty of age-appropriate exercise to wear them out. This will help them sleep better at night. 

Where Should Your Border Collie Sleep?

Border Collies will choose where to rest depending on how confident they feel in any given situation. They may choose to rest inside, outside, or both. If an area seems too overwhelming for them, then they may look for seclusion by finding a quiet place under the bed or in the closet until they feel safe enough to come out again. Relaxation is key when it comes to Border Collies and finding the right spot to sleep is essential.

A quality dog bed that is comfortable, to help avoid joint pains, yet easy to clean can allow this active breed its personal space to rest, relax and sleep.  An indoor kennel can provide your Border Collie with a cosy place to rest but also help puppies to know the difference between active time and bed time.

Of course, their favorite place to sleep will probably be your own bed if given the choice! This can work well for human and collie, it is simply a personal choice. However, if you want your bed for yourself then you will have to establish these boundaries early on before they get too comfortable!

Why Does My Border Collie Sleep So Much? (6 Reasons)

Long deep sleeping habits is normal and healthy for most Border Collies, it is not simply being lazy! However, if this is associated with low mood, low energy and signs of physical or mental health issues then you need to contact your veterinarian. Keep a diary and monitor your dog’s energy levels and sleep patterns over time. This can help you pick up on any more worrying patterns.

Here are six reasons a healthy Border Collie will sleep half the day or more – highlighting the benefits and important role of sleep:

1. Energy Levels and Muscle Repair: Border Collies can run over 20 miles during a long walk putting an incredible strain on their muscles and tendons. Like humans, much of the muscle repair occurs when their are fast asleep and this is crucial to stay healthy and energetic.

2. Memory and Concentration: Sleep helps to improve the border collie’s memory and ability to learn new commands or tricks. Like humans, sleep helps them process and retain the new information learned in a day including interactions with other dogs and form new neural pathways.

3. Stress and Anxiety: Dogs that get enough sleep are typically less stressed and anxious than dogs who don’t get enough rest. This is especially important for border collies who are prone to developing anxiety disorders if they don’t get enough sleep.

4. Immune System: Sleeping also plays an important role in keeping a Border Collie’s immune system healthy. Dogs that don’t get enough sleep are more susceptible to illness and infection.

5. Obesity and Health Issues: Sleeping helps keep a Border Collie’s body and overall health in good condition. Dogs that don’t get enough sleep are more prone to obesity and getting a health issue.

6. REM Sleep: A study found that Border Collies have about 25% REM sleep per hour of sleep. That’s relatively low compared to other dog breeds, which generally have more than 30% REM sleep per hour. Researchers theorize this may be due to the breed originally being bred for high levels of mental activity, so they need less daytime rest, or because their size puts them in greater danger of overheating during normal rest periods.

So, if you want your Border Collie to lead a happy, healthy life, make sure they get plenty of sleep!